Heath & Heather | Organic Digestive Super Seeds with Coriander, Fennel & Fenugreek

… Originally founded in 1920 in St Albans by herbalists, the Ryder brothers. Its products are inspired by nature and foraging and the brand seeks to bring a true sense of adventure and discovery to the tea category with a number of first-to-market product launches”

Source: https://marcommnews.com

Metothepoweroftea campaign.PNG

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Last weekend, I stopped by at a rather new grocery store located in a mall with a friend of mine. We didn’t have any specific things in mind to buy, but the store is known to carry a bunch of international brands across the world. I was there during their soft opening back in July but didn’t get to explore much. I bumped into my old mate who was there with the family checking on some promotions in conjunction with the event. The husband left us for some quick girls’ chit chat moment and before long, there we were queuing up at the checkout counter.

This time round, I would like to check on some of their products.

I was thirsty from my meal earlier and would like to get some drink related product. Came to the tea section and trying to look for a new tea product. Since most of my current tea brands are from Japan, would love to add some new tea flavours, to sip on some other flavours perhaps; and to give my taste bud some good stimulation.

Mostly the teas display on shelves are from the United Kingdom and after some quick skimmed through, decided to go with Heath & Heather. The packaging size of 20 teabags envelopes is just the right one for me; for my first purchase of the brand.

Another reason? It’s the seed.

And yes that’s actually the very reason how Heath & Heather started back in the day… The family business started first not because of tea, but seed – The Ryder Seeds.

The business was inspired by their father’s passion in gardening and the era they were born in was in need of seeds. It was during the era of first world war. It was an era where growing your own food on the farms, in the gardens, and on allotments were crucial and necessary.

First world war.PNG

Source: http://www.hertfordshire-genealogy.co.uk/data/answers/answers-2007/ans7-020-ryder.htm

The Ryder family recognised the needs of their people, embraced the movement and the embracement had brought them to St. Albans.

Residing at St. Albans would be practical for logistic standpoint and to make the Ryder family wants of supplying seeds by post at affordable prices to the general public possible. Not only that St Albans has good railway connection, so does its mail postal services. You may say the move was feasible from a business point of view for the family.

Samuel ryder.PNG

Source: https://www.heathandheather.co.uk/about/

Here’s more on the Ryder family and their seed business.

1920 Ryder and son the seedsmen.PNG

Source: http://www.hertfordshire-genealogy.co.uk/data/answers/answers-2007/ans7-020-ryder.htm

It was not until 1920 the Heath & Heather Limited was founded, after the Ryder Seeds business taken over by Suttons Seeds. It was then the family gave their full concentration on Heath & Heather venture. The family setup their first premises at the Albert street, almost next to the Ryder Seeds office.

1920 first premises.PNG

Source: https://www.heathandheather.co.uk/about/

Traditionally Heath & Heather products have been sold through Holland & Barrett and independent health trade but last year, the company has started to kick off the ‘Me to the Power of Tea’ campaign – its biggest marketing campaign to date – to broaden its appeal and encourage younger audiences to explore its range of teas. The company has announced the starts of its second phase of the campaign based on last year success in late August this year. The campaign aimed to celebrate the brand’s heritage and close-to-nature principles, positioning it as a premium niche organic lifestyle brand that allows you to experience more of nature and ‘discover the best you can be’. Moreover, the second phase of its adventurous campaign activation was launched in conjunction of its winning a new listing with Tesco stores in the UK.

Not only the brand has redesigned their packaging in 2016, the brand has also working closely with photographers for their creative assets. You may noticed the lush floral and fruit background of the Heath & Heather’s boxes, it is a way for them to communicate to their consumers of the leaves used to produce the teas, that they are fresh and organic.  The color palette chose for the brand is of vintage, old-fashioned vibe, delicate and slightly faded.

New design.PNG

Source: https://www.packagingnews.co.uk

In case you are wondering, previously the packaging design looks like this.

Old design.PNG

Source: https://www.blukoo.com

And here is the look of their website.

Isn’t it visually appealing?

The power of tea.PNG

Explore the products.PNG

Source: https://www.heathandheather.co.uk

As for my purchase of the day, it is the Organic Digestive Super Seeds with Coriander, Fennel & Fenugreek. The box is in purple colour with a plants-based design. On the front part of the box, it stated there are 20 envelope teabags inside, which is great; as I would like to give one packet to my friend and to have her opinion on the flavour as well.


Source: https://www.heathandheather.co.uk

Another interesting point though, is the paper used to package the teabag. It is a type of paper which comes with a thin polymer layer. This type of paper function to stop moisture, maintain both the fragrance and flavour of the ingredients and so to ensure the product quality will not be compromised.


The tea which I have chose is a combination of Coriander seeds, Anise seeds, Fennel seeds and Fenugreek seeds that give it a savory-sweet kind of taste. The functional blend of the seeds combination is popular as traditional herbal aids to ease digestion, making this the perfect after dinner blend.

Just what I need exactly after a heavy meal.

Ingredients: Organic Anise (40%), Organic Fennel (30%), Organic Coriander (20%), Organic Fenugreek (10%).


Further reading: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-582/anise


Further reading: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/284096.php


Further reading: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/277627.php


Further reading: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-733/fenugreek

If you are keen to know more about herbs, Heath & Heather does have a book written on that topic – The Famous Book of Herbal Aids to Health & Fitness, 1938.

The famous book of herbs.PNG

Source: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/title/the-famous-book-of-herbs/

Here is an excerpt from The Famous Book of Herbal Aids to Heath & Fitness, 1938, Heath & Heather Ltd.


Source: https://www.heathandheather.co.uk/about/

Some historical facts on Heath & Heather.

  • 1920: Samuel started playing golf for health reason.
  • 1923: The Ryder brothers sponsored the Heath & Heather Tournament; the first golf event to be restricted to professionals only.
  • 1926: Samuel proposed a challenge match between US, Great Britain and Ireland on 26th June at Wentworth.
  • 1927: The first official competition was held in Massachusetts USA, the beginnings of a biennial tournament now known as The Ryder Cup.
  • 1968: Associated Health Foods bought the business.
  • 1969: Booker McConnell bought the business from AHF a year after.
  • 1971: The Heath & Heather stores were renamed ‘Holland & Barrett’.

Some other facts:

  • The brand maintains a longstanding, exclusive partnership with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.
  • The brand protects and supports the environment through their “Greenprint for Good” sustainability plan.
  • The brand ran an extensive project with Peel Ports to minimize road miles through their supply chain.
  • The teas are organic certified through the well renowned Soil Association.

Something worth mentioning too is a company I came across last night, which has their base in the United States. Who knows you might have someone around you that have live their life displaying the spirit of giving and you think they should give this scholarship a try?

The company is in the gift baskets business, sourcing and selling wine products too. Being part of the gifting business, the company aims to encourage such kind of giving spirit among the community. Anyone who display such kind of living attitude has a chance to win the award. Annually, the company would award three well-deserving students who display such quality and via this approach of awarding scholarship, the company remain active in their role of shaping for our future; a future with generation of people who possess qualities of kindness, service and giving.

Part of the submission details is to have applicants to write an essay consisting of 500-750 words. There are 3 topics to choose from and applicant may pick one to write.

  1. How have you advanced the spirit of giving in your community or abroad either through service or in giving?
  2. How has the spirit of giving affected you personally?
  3. How will your college or post-secondary education allow you to be of service to others or give to others?

Winners will be awarded each a scholarship of $1,000.

For further details, you may click here.

Before I leave, here is the company motto, taken from the Famous book of Herbs, Heath & Heather Limited., 1955.

Nothing less than the best.PNG

From moi,

Ẇaves of Style ღ


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