Herbal Therapy | Hair Elixir Scalp Tonic 2

Few days back, my cousin sent me a text message asking for hair product related recommendation due to her current hair problem. She is experiencing hair fall and has an obvious sign of hair thinning.

I heart her.

In the past, I have encounter the same issue as her, mainly due to stress and probably hormonal reason. I am always on a lookout for ways to prevent hair thinning and to promote hair growth. Our hair does have a lifespan and I am trying to prolong it.

My journey of searching for this solution brought me to realize the difference between hard water versus soft water and how it would affect our hair. I have no idea the existence of hard and soft water prior to living and working in Dubai. Due to the nature of the water available in that country, there are people who actually wash their hair with water bottle instead of using water from the pipe. Hard water is not good for the hair, it causes hair to fall out. If you are in Dubai, take note on that.

Nonetheless, how come Arabic ladies still have a thick, voluminous, healthy black hair?

I do not deny the fact that Arabic ladies are highly image conscious and really are into beauty. They do not mind to spend a tonne of money to keep them beautiful and attractive to their spouse. When I talked to them, one lady told me that the Arabic ladies would use Henna to dye and to protect their hair.

Henna? What is henna if this is your first time of hearing this word?


Henna is actually a plant called Lawsonia inermis. This plant contains a tanning dye molecule in its leaves and is masked by chlorophyll hence is not visible to the naked eyes. The dye molecule can then migrate out of the paste, breach cuticle cell walls in the hair shaft and bind with keratin, which is the protein in our hair. This plant based dye has been used for thousands of years in countries like the northern Africa, the Arabian peninsula and the Indian subcontinent.

The powerful and effective natural compound which this plant posses is effective in strengthening, nourishing and beautifying our tresses aside from keeping our scalp healthy and our hair strong.

Next time if you are seeking for a change from your regular use of chemical loaded ingredients hair care products, not such a bad idea to give henna a try.  Not only that it is natural, non-chemical and effective in turning our hair into black color, it also comes with necessary nutrients with the ability of strengthening our hair follicle and to avoid regular fall out by restoring the acid-alkaline balance of our scalp without affecting the natural balance of our hair.

To make your hair healthy and glossy, apply henna pack twice a month or more since it is a natural product anyway.

Henna for hair.PNG


Ginger Water

Another holistic way of growing your hair is by using ginger water. I witness this amazing finding from my mum herself. She has a thin hair resulted from a change in her hormone level during her pregnancy time and has not been successful in finding solution to grow her hair back.

What she did was actually really simple. She just take the ginger water and  rub it on her scalp. After that, she covered it with a hair cap and kept it for a good few hours (since she wasn’t planning to go out anyway). If you are doing this, leave it for longer to ensure the water absorbed deep into your hair follicle and to get the nutrients it needs to grow your hair back. She had been doing the same thing for some days and we were surprised with what we saw after.

Her hair actually started to grow and I really enjoyed seeing this positive changes though it happened gradually. It was like seeing the seeds you have sow, started to sprout and slowly turning into some greens in your garden.

If you are someone who would prefer doing it this way, go for it and try.


Biotin is a type of supplement I learned back then in Dubai and is taken mainly to keep the hair strong as it is known to be good for our hair. It is a water-soluble B-vitamin (B7) that helps our body convert food into energy and is important for the health of our hair, skin and nails. It was once called coenzyme R and vitamin H. The H stands for Haar und Haut, which is German for hair and skin.

Eventhough some sources claimed that there is a weak evidence in supporting that Biotin is effective in preventing hair loss, the people whom I know taking this supplements does have a thick and healthy hair and these ladies work in a high stress professions such as the legal and finance.

I guess it helps, somehow.

If you would like to get Biotin from your foods, you may incorporate more of organ meats, eggs, avocado, cauliflower, berries, fish, legumes and mushrooms into your diet.

That will work too.

Hair Elixir

As for product, I am using Herbal Therapy Hair Elixir Scalp Tonic 2, a product from Singapore.



I was introduced to this product less than a year ago and to date I have use up to 2.5-3 bottles of it. Each bottle contains 100 ml and I do enjoy the herbal smells whenever I apply it on my scalp after bath.

This is an effective product, at least to me and my friend. We both use it and see baby hair growng out from our hair follicle after 2-3 weeks or shorter of applying it religiously. I have tried hair tonic in the past and it wasn’t effective on me other than leaving flaky thing on my hair which can be easily mistaken as dandruff on my hair. I am happy there is a substitute to hair tonic. Initially I thought it might be that the first brand was an unfit to my hair, and so I went to buy another brand. Sadly, the same outcome happened twice and so I have stopped my experimentation with hair tonic products after.

Herbal Therapy Hair Elixir Scalp Tonic 2 is made with 100% Chinese herbs with no chemicals involve. It does not contain any preservative and artificial coloring, and so is absolutely safe and effective. It is formulated to prevents scalp problems while nourishing the scalp, stimulates hair follicles and revitalizes cells and also to protect new hair texture and pigments.

So far this is my only hair growth product to date which I will continue in using for sure.

I hope you have a good evening.

From moi,

Ẇaves of Style ღ












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