Waves of Style. Fashion

Hi Ladies,

Hope you all are well.


Would like to announce to you that I have just created an Instagram account for Waves of Style Fashion Blog.

I know, some of you might be thinking why are there no fashion posts here except beauty and tea (lifestyle) posts if the name of the blog has a “fashion” word in it.

The IG account will serve as a Fashion + Style documentation of the clothes that I have wore in the past, that I like on me.

The blog will be a platform for my writing on pieces touching on the areas of beauty and lifestyle that’s more in depth, full of information and insights. As commented by a close friend of mine, it will be a good “gotoplace” for someone who read, trying to kill time while commuting to their workplaces.

Going back to the reason why I started this blog writing pieces on Beauty and Lifestyle posts instead of Fashion or Style. For me, they are all interconnected; relating to one another.

Style + Fashion = Beauty + Lifestyle = Ẇaves

There is a reason for the existence of this equation above.

Try cross Style from “Style” and “Life-style” out from the equation above like you do your math, what will you get?

Fashion = Beauty + Life = Ẇaves

Isn’t Life Beauty itself?

Beauty exists everywhere and living a beautiful life is in fashion since …. you tell me.

Look at the waves, it comes and it goes.

Same goes to Fashion and Beauty, they come and they go.

As for you,

You choose to keep what stays to be part of your identity, your character, your legacy, your heritage and eventually your signature.

Forever starts now.

From moi,

Ẇaves of Style ღ




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