Travel | Paris – City of Love, City of Light

Eiffel Tower 2.jpgTo The City of Love and or The City of Light. Like the nicknames, it is uncommon to see public affections been displayed everywhere here from the train station, restaurant, underground, garden. Couples holding hands as they walk, cuddling on park benches, and even unapologetically locking lips (which, not only openly accepted but openly admired).GardenThere is a reason why it’s been called as the most romantic city for couples to propose, to wed, to honeymoon, to celebrate anniversaries, or simply for a pleasurable getaway. Married.jpgMost likely any desire of yours could be satisfy with its offering of world-class art galleries, antique markets, theater, opera, fashion houses, live music, dance, wine tasting and cooking classes. Nonetheless in the end, romance is still a matter of personal taste.The Arc.jpgDespite its grandiose monuments, what I enjoyed most is simply set my foot strolling around without any itineraries, maps or guidebook to find my hidden surprises by following any charming cobblestone street or pedestrian passage that tickles my fancy.GateWith their open-air market, whimsical boutique windows, tearooms, art galleries etc, surely there will be something that will catch your attention. Maybe it’s the clothing, candies, toys, or artworks. See, the Parisian want to seduce you even with their decorations. Enjoy the priceless pleasure of window shopping. Garden 2.jpgRomance and fashion are not everything about this city. The French treasure food and drink as well, especially when the experience is shared with someone they care about. Both the meal and the company are elevated by each sip of wine or each shared bite of a new dish.Eiffel 3.jpg

One more info, Louis Vuiton flagship store can also be found here.

Louis Vuitton, Champs-Elysees, Paris

The beautiful art deco building is almost directly opposite the site of the first Louis Vuitton store, which opened in 1914. Inside the store does away with the traditional idea of floors or storeys. Instead it has a four level spiral of terraces, each with its own products and design. It means customers don’t have to move through the store by the usual stairways.

Paris champs elysees.PNG

The interior is designed to reflect the character of the Champs-Elysees promenade. Contemporary art is visible right throughout the store and the 65 ft long ‘travelling staircase’ showcases work from video artist Tim White-Sobieski.



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