Day Trip | York – City of Festival, Unlock England’s Historic City

York lies right in the centre of the United Kingdom, equidistant from London and Edinburgh, and the rivers Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire, England. The city is noted for its heritage and it has played an important role throughout much of its almost 2,000 year existence.

These were my views before I reached York.Landscape1 .jpgIt felt serene and peaceful.

Some hours later, I reached Yorkshire and here is the train station.

Train station .jpgWas there for the map before I started my outing with my fellow course mates.


York Minster

It amazed me how much works and efforts have been put into building this gothic style architecture. There is so much details involve.


York Castle, The Clifford’s Tower


York Wall – Micklegate

York Micklegate.jpgSomething I saw along the way.Marching2

Fresh flower.jpg

Bookstore.jpgI did stop by Zara.Zara.jpgMy outfit of the day was pretty simple, but comfortable.J

Get the look

  1. Tops


2. Pants

3. Flats

4. Scarf


5. Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bag.PNG

6. Belts


Or you may go for this look.


Source: Internet

Step into England's story.PNGHope you all enjoy it thus far. How will you pair your outfit for York?

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ










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