Kinokuniya |A Visit To The Book Store

Bookstore has always been a place I enjoy going to. This one particular Japanese bookstore was a frequent visit during my college years. I was drawn to the wide selection of books available, the settings, the window display and the whole calming and relaxing ambient in general. Even better, the closest proximity for the best bookstore available around my neighborhood will be this one. Sometime I went there just to browse what’s new on the book shelves or if there is any eye-catching titles display on the bookshelves. If there is any, I will grab the book, find a place to sit, and then read some pages before make my purchase decision. One more thing, they play nice classical musics at the background too.

looking up niceThis top was looking overly girlish and too cute for my liking at that time. It is not a style that I will go for, usually. When I first saw it, I have no plan of buying it but would like to see how I look in them. Tried it on, surprisingly it looked fine but definitely will take some time to unleash the super girly and cutey side of me. Good thing was, it’s an easy wear and the details on the fabric made it a yes to my wardrobe.22

Paired the top with a brown color short pants, a black color pantyhose and a pink color flats. Pink, navy blue, creamy white and lacy fabric makes a good combo.



Ẇaves of Style ღ



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