A Visit To The Trinity, Cambridgeshire

I have always wanting to see Cambridge, not for the city itself but the University. I always enjoy visiting different educational organisations. As Cambridge is known to be home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, I decided to wear something that looks more students like, instead of stylish. E2Wore a blouse with a big ribbon in front of it that got complimented by the receptionist lady working for our student accommodation that morning. I smiled and thanked her and thought to myself “Ah, I have made a good purchase it seems”.

The blouse was purchased with a 75% satisfaction level as I couldn’t find anything else in the store with a better fabric quality, without a ribbon design in front of the blouse and that falls within my budget to create the student look that am aiming for. Nonetheless, it went well with the short black dress so over all, am happy with the outcome.

Adding onto that, I brought along a beige coat to keep me warm while touring around Cambridge. I think the key in creating the Cambridge student look of mine lies on the buttons.

Buttons are important.

Both the short black dress and the ribbon blouse were from Primark and the beige coat was from some thrifty store.E4

Create the look yourself.

  1. Dress and coatLook3



2. Shoulder handbag

Small bag blue.PNGSource: Internet

Ẇaves of Style ღ



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