Beach Holiday At A Chalet

Saw a caption of one Instagramer who have liked a watermelon photo I took this morning, on my way to get my morning breakfast at a nearby cafe.

Sharing with you all.

“So today is my Birthday. Blessed with another year and surrounded by loving people. I have already achieved so many goals that i had set for myself, but i have so much more to conquer. One essential thing that I have learned is that you should try to do what you love even though if that means you have to grind harder. Only then, time will not pass YOU by but YOU will be passing time by doing what you love”

The last sentence is a good reminder to myself.

Look #1Back.pngWhiteShoulder-3.jpgWhiteShoulder-2.jpg

Look #2

Look #3Line-2.jpgLine-1.jpg

Look #4P5.jpgP6.jpg

Photos above were a 4 days 3 nights holidays on an island, away from everything else awaiting to be taking care of; a place to stop by for some time, to reflect, to refocus and probably to come back to.

From moi,

Ẇaves of Style ღ



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