Summer Volunteering, Woodland Fun Project

This was a volunteer activity i went to as a student. Was at the student union office with my course mates one day and saw the program. We decided to sign up for it.

What i wrote 7 years ago.

“We the students were there volunteering to help improve woodland at Ecclesall Woods in Sheffield. It was a practical day that usually involving activities such as landscaping, hedge cutting and pathway improvement. However for this time round, we were there for some pool digging work. Fun cause it has been a long time since I last touched some spades and feet in boots.”

Have a look at my outfit for such kind of occasion. It is very simple actually, practical indeed and most importantly it needs to be versatile as there will be lots of movement going on there, which you are about to find out soon from the photos that i will be showing you.

Digging a pool takes a lot of work. So please, appreciate your swimming pool! 😀








We put a lot of hearts into our work that day.

After that, rushing to a BBQ event organised by our University as well!

Till then.

From moi,

Ẇaves of Style ღ




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