Style | Work Attire

Hi ladies,

I have been posting quite some style and fashion related posts which are for non-work occasion. Here i think its time to share some of the outfits i wore for work purpose. It could be for meetings or you may also wear them for a job interview. Nonetheless, depending on your job and the company you work with, the attire might not be relevant to you. I don’t have much here, but just want to give you an idea how i usually wear myself to a more formal kind of setting.

Look #1

I really like the details at the side, sleeves part of this top. There’s a ribbon like thing on the side of the sleeves which made me decided to buy it during my short trip in Indonesia. I paired it with a A pencil skirt in dark blue color.


Look #2

I had a white silk like white top from Zara inside this coat. The coat is from H&M.


Look #3

Here is how Zara white top looks like. Decided to purchase it because i like the white color silk like look of the fabric. It gave similar look as in what Meghan Markle wore to her wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, i have the top a while back already, before she’s married to Prince Harry….


Meghan markle wedding dress.PNG

Look #4

Apology for the lighting!


Look #5

I wear this look when am feeling like having extra dose of “Okay guys, i mean business here”.


Look #6


That’s all for now.

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ




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