Beauty | Creams & Lotions: Johnson’s, Vaseline, The Body Shop, Rosken, Como Shambhala

Hi ladies,

I am currently in the habit of writing and updating on a consistent basis on this platform. This is a new habit and a good hobby that i have picked up this year and put me in a jovial mood indeed. It is nice to have a platform fulls with people of similar interests as me and to serve as a reminder to self to always spare some time engage in our hobbies no matter what. Our priority in life might get shifted as we stepping into different life stages, nonetheless the mentality of keeping life exciting should never be compromised. Other than that, it will be great for people around me to keep track of all my life experiences, interests and what i am currently been up to.

I no longer travel, work as much as before or far from my family and friends. For the time being, i just want to write as much as i can and to keep the momentum going. This is one of the little thing in life which excite me other than knowing i have readers from all around the world. 🙂

Today i want to share with you the hand and body cream or oil that i am using currently.

Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Oil

As for body, i have a preference towards oil based products instead of cream based. It is easier to apply, keeping my skin hydrate for a longer time and require lesser effort as compared to applying body lotion or cream. I prefer the purple color baby oil of Johnson’s than the pink one for its smell. The purple color’s smell baby oil has a calming effect on me.


The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus

The smell of this product reminds me of Changi Airport. Pay a visit to their wash rooms and check on their facilities. Pump a small amount of the hand lotion which is freely provided, you will know what am talking about. Most likely the formula probably is the same or similar. This is a smell which has a waking up my sense effect on me. It is refreshing and yet not overpowering.


Good thing is, The Body Shop does has a fragrance with the same scent. The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Eau de Toilette is a fresh fragrance inspired by the pure waters of Fiji. It features notes of water lotus, mandarin zest and marine salt. It is a part of the Voyage collection.

This information is new to me though. I might consider adding this scent to my ever small perfume collection.

Fijian perfume.PNG

Vaseline Healthy White

Light weight and easy to apply. Vaseline is a common household brand name with good reputation. I have tried different body lotions by Vaseline, but currently this is the one i have at home.


The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream

Was first introduced to this smell when i was in the UAE. It is not really a common scent you will see from body or hand cream products. Whenever i apply this cream on me, it will transport me back to the Persian Gulf Coast. Most likely i will use it during day time.


Rosken Dry Skin Lotion


Other than that, would like to highlight this one body lotion that I would like to purchase. I got mine as a farewell gift from my ex-company and have finished it. My mum likes the smell of it too.

COMO Shambhala INVIGORATE Lotion

It is a refreshing with light hydrating body moisturiser.

Como shambala invigorate lotion.PNG

Here is a little introduction of COMO Shambhala.

It is a brand which follows a healthy living philosophy that takes its inspiration from mythological roots. The word ‘Shambhala’ is taken from the ancient Buddhist texts with a meaning referring to a sacred place of bliss. The brand embraces lifelong learning and development and never want to be everything to everybody, but instead offering only the very best to an exacting few.

Hoping you have a great day onwards!

From moi,

Ẇaves of Style ღ


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