Style | Forever 21: Pink Floral Dress

Hi ladies,

I have been coughing for a few days now and trying to drink some warm honey and lemon drink. Hopefully the cough will go away soon.

Mean time, would like to share this dress of mine, which i have been wearing to quite many different occasions and the good thing about this dress is, it still is very much relevant to me. I still feel good seeing them in my wardrobe and on me. This is a dress great for days either when I have no idea what to wear or not in the mood to dress up yet still want to look presentable to the outside world.

To keep things fresh, i may either do something different with my hair or i could accessorize it with a scarf, a sweater, a different shoes or some jewelries.

Here are few examples for your reference.

Look #1

Bun. Time-saving and effortless.


Look #2


Look #3

This look might be a tad similar as #2, but not really. Here, my hair is longer, and so it changes the way how the waves look on me. Look #2 has a bigger waves. Both were styled with a flat iron.


Look #4

Wavy pony tail. Time-saving and effortless.


From moi,

Ẇaves of Style ღ




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