A Dinner At Burj Khalifa, The World’s Tallest Building

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well.

I just got up, made myself a tumeric drink and now sitting in front of my laptop wanting to share with you the outfit i wore to the Burj Khalifa.

But first, good morning and night to everyone, where ever you are!

For those of you who might have not heard of Burj Khalifa, it is actually a skyscraper in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Prior to its inauguration in 2010, it was known as the Burj Dubai.

Other than that, it is also the world’s tallest building to date with 828 meters in roof height surpassing twice the height of New York’s Empire State Building and thrice the height of  Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Burj Khalifa(edited).jpg

During my time in the UAE, i worked most of the time and that night was a spontaneous night out for me and my colleagues. We had ended our work in the UAE and will be back to our home land soon, so just trying to do some sort of touristy activities and decided to visit the famous Burj Khalifa. Definitely this is a must go to place for us.

We heard there is a restaurant at the top and would like to spend some time there.

Here’s my outfit of the night. You will see the Armani Hotel on your way up, before heading to the lift that will bring you up to the top. You will need to take a short staircase and walk to the restaurant.

Burj khalifa.jpg


The front part of the skirt looks like the photo above. I had a black color leggings underneath.

Armani hotel.jpg

Everything was bought from the UAE except my watch, which was gifted as my farewell gift from my previous company. The skirt is from Vero Moda, handbag is from Pull and Bear where else others, i have to apologize because i can’t recall and neither do i have the items with me now. I remember i really love my flats because of the details at the back. There’s a gold color metal kind of thing there. Shopping around the UAE, i don’t get to see many flats come with such design.


It was quite a busy night for the staffs. The crowd was pretty big and we were lucky enough to have our own table without any waiting time. What caught my attention that night was, some workers who were outside of the building trying to clean the glasses for a living.

Instantly i pulled my attention back to my present and came to appreciate everything around me even more.

It was a memorable night.

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ


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