Beauty | Lipstick: SilkyGirl, Avon, Urban Decay

Hi ladies,

Weekend is finally here. Anything exciting going on at your end?

14/15 months ago, decided to leave a career that i have done well and that i have a bright future ahead of me. There’s something more important to be taken care of even though the road ahead is uncertain. Good thing is, i am quite an optimist and believe everything will turn out fine and great.

Take this platform for an example. Am glad that i have finally get to start something here that i still keep coming back to. Since i was little, I have always enjoy writing and always have this urge to have a public account but i need a compelling purpose or attached a worthy meaning in what i do to make it easier in balancing that part of me that i would prefer to stay low key or keep it private.

Apart from allowing me to connect with like minded people who share interest in beauty, fashion, style, lifestyle, and beyond through words and unleashing the creative side of me; what’s more?

“Are you into fashion just recently?”

“Where have you been?”

“How’s your life like overseas?”

“You are so mysterious!”

“Since when you have an interest in dealing with children?”

Those are some of the questions i got asked from people around me. They are curious, astonish and have an interest to know. So now, here it is. I will write my life living overseas, sharing things which interest me or that i care about and from time to time updating what’s ahead of me.

Today i wanted to share the lipstick products that i am currently using.


My journey with lipstick is pretty short. I used to see them as something too mature for my look, something that will attract unnecessary attention, feeling like am eating chemicals or maybe i just do not have suitable events to wear them on. I have been gifted 2 Revlon lipsticks when i was in my early 20s but never use them once.

On the contrary, my mother is a huge lipstick lover. She has quite a collection of lipstick products and always put on something on her lips before heading out to somewhere. She always encourage me to put on lipstick and yeah, finally last year i have started to embark on this lipstick journey although it’s still kind of like an experiment to me. Many girls own a

Yves Saint-Laurent

lipstick, but no… not now, that can wait.

SilkyGirl Moisture Balm Lipcolor 01 Raisin

This is currently my favorite color.


Avon Ultra Color Rich U250 Cherry Jubilee (From my mum’s collection)

This color is pretty heavy and bold but i will try it on me next time. I just need a suitable function and outfit to match it with.


Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Mini Lipstick B01 Peach Berry (From my mum’s collection)

This is like a lip gloss to me.


Urban Decay Naked 5 (From my mum’s collection)

Not such a bright red color, i can see myself wearing this color on me.


In summary,

Lipstickedited .jpg

Not many yet, but that implies i get to try more lipstick products in the future yea!

Have a great weekend onwards!

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ








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