Fashion | My First Sequin Dress

Hi ladies,

I am not a party girl and never have i go to any party before i studied in the UK. Neither do i go to club (once in my 20 with a friend for a short 45 minutes maybe for my exposure), have the habit of clubbing or some kind of a professional dancer. So, that explain why i don’t get the chance to wear a sequin dress.

When i first saw this sequin dress in Oxfam store, i have the urge to wear it to a party organised by my University. Sequin dress suits for occasion when the setting is dark and what’s more, it makes you easier to be found in case you got separated from your group of friends isn’t it? Hahaha…

I tried it on, thought the dress was a bit large on me. Showed it to my friends and they had a different opinion though. They commented that it looked great on me. I had a quick checked on the dress, it was new and came in good price. So, i decided to purchase it because i have never have any sequin dress before and now i get a chance to wear it to a suitable function, why not? Since it was my last semester before graduation, i need to experience as much as i can and live my student life to the max!First sequin dress.jpgOkay, that was a done and “glamorous” look. But i’ll let you have a peek on the not so glamorous moments too.


Changing flats to my super high heels. That’s my highest heels ever!


Trying to get comfortable in them.


Fixing it and see how long can i last standing in that heels.

Now that am done, i need to check on my friend who’s going to the party with me. Mean time, maybe you will be able to have a better look on the outfit? That’s my purpose actually.


Here’s my makeup of the night. I tried to do a smokey eyes. As for the hair, i kept it simple, just a straight silky hair look.


Hope you like it!

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ


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