A Trip To The Shopping Mall

Good morning ladies,

It’s Sunday and i woke up with the realization that, i have to start writing down how am i going to make the most of my 30s and make it counts.

It has been almost 6 months now that am back here in my hometown. Reconnect and rebond with my family and relatives, catching up with my friends, relearn about my hometown and home country, went to toastmaster meetings as a guest, created my Instagram accounts, did a bit of paid volunteering gig in education line, experimenting e-commerce/online business model, attended some weekend classes, made some new friends, started a wordpress account, read some lecture notes in Investment -MBA (got it from a friend who has just recently graduated from the course), learned some basic coding from Code.org, tutored my cousin, went for a short pharmacy assistant training in a pharmacy, studied a bit of my MBA course bought from Udemy, learned some new skills for the data management department in the banking industry, cook more, did some gardening and even got myself a pet! Those are everything that i don’t get a chance to do last time.

So, what’s next? I do have a list of things that i have in mind but i hope everything will fall into place sooner and expecting good miracles and surprises happen from time to time. I look forward to what 30s has in store for me. I believe it is going to be a great and awesome one.

Now let’s get back to Waves of Style fashion blog.

Here is the outfit i wore to a shopping mall some other weeks back. I went there to hang out with a childhood friend and ended up bumped into our high school teacher and a high school classmate who was there for his natural hand made soap business.


Spaghetti dress and flats are from H&M, the long sleeves trench is from Not A Picture. Lately i am into spaghetti dress, think they are easy to wear and to pair with some other clothing, more over it suits for the humid weather here in my home land.



We went dinner at the KFC, i like the mashed potato with cheese and corns alot.



Here is the natural hand made soap by my classmate made from Gromwell. I was suffering from skin allergic from some fishes that i ate and in need of something to soothe my skin. Something natural always is a good choice. I always have a thing with natural produce products.

Hoping you have a great Sunday before Monday starts.

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ







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