Videos: Mixed Kid Who Speaks and/or Understands 7 Languages and 4 Dialects

Hi ladies,

Hope you have a great weekend thus far.

I have finally uploaded all the video clips eventhough they have been uploaded in 4 short parts. I don’t have the best internet connection now so just wanted to let all the videos out to keep the momentum going. Good that i have stepped out from my comfort zone and made my presence on social media publicly.

Filmed the video, chillax style in a comfy clothes.

Impromptu and nothing too serious and focus instead on having fun.

Most importantly, the reason why i am doing this is because one of the regular questions i received from people around me is relating to my language skill.

“Knowing you for long and yet didn’t know you could speak…. language!”

“Didn’t know you can write Mandarin!”

“How do you learn all these languages?”

Here are the breakdown of the languages and dialects that i speak and how i get to learn or understand them.


Mandarin: My mother tongue. Dad is quite a traditional man and he thinks learning the language is crucial in helping us to understand our root better.

Malay: Our national language. Most of the school has the subject as the compulsory subject to take. This is a language of unity as Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-cultural country.

English: This is a language that will broaden our world, bring us to more places or open more opportunities. Furthermore, it is one of the skill companies look for in a candidate before hiring them for a job.

Cantonese: I grew up watching alot of Cantonese dramas and learned the languages from there. There are many words which are similar as Mandarin, so i don’t find it difficult to understand the language. I don’t speak the language much unless there is a need to.

French: This is the language i picked as my minor subject and that i should sit for exams in college. We have the option of choosing either Japanese or French and i picked the later. French appealed more to me at that time as i did grew up being exposed to Japanese movies and cultures but not French. It will be easier for me to pick up the language should i decide to learn it one day.

Arabic: I have lived in the Middle East for almost a year and my work required me to converse with the locals who can’t really speak English. It would help a tonne in my work if i managed to speak some simple sentences. Language brings people closer and develop trust between 2 people who barely know each other on their first meeting.

Dhivehi: I have lived in Maldives for nearly 3 years and mingled alot with the locals who are also my colleagues. I picked up some of the simple terms but hardly speak the language.


Foochow: My dad is a Chinese-Foochow and i grew up with relatives and friends who speak this language.

Kayan: My mum is a Kayan and we were taught to speak the language in order for us to communicate with our grandparents who speak only this 1 language.

Hokkien: I have friends and people around me who speak the language so i have been expose to the language at a young age. Other than that, the language has similar pronunciation as Mandarin so i don’t find it difficult to understand the dialect.

Iban: I have relative who speaks the language so mainly i pick up the language due to exposure.

I hope i have answer to your curiosity.

Here are the links for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of the videos. I have fun filming and uploading them and i hope you will enjoy it too.

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ



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