A Trip To Oxford

Hi ladies,

It’s Monday and i hope you have a great week ahead of you!

With my post and video done on languages, i would like to shift my focus back to Fashion.

Here’s the outfit i wore to Oxord.

For many of you that might have already know,  Oxford is home to one of England’s most ancient universities. Basically what can be found here are things like city’s historical colleges which are associated with Oxford University, and museums. Rich in stunning architecture and steeped in academic history many are open daily to the public free of charge. This city is cultural, entertaining and quite interesting if it wasn’t because of the fickle weather. Oxford2.jpgWhenever i visit a new place in the UK, i always capture lots of such kind of photos as below.


Store displays is one of the thing which interest me. I love to see how the store owner entices potential customers with their creativity.




I always try my best to make paying a visit to museums as a must do. A visitation to a museum worth a few hours strolling around the town. Too bad it was closed the day i was there.


A group of Japanese students who were there most likely due to the international trip organised by their school. Would love my children to have the same experience too.


Tried to get some shots here because there were some buildings painted in different colors which made them perfect for photo shooting.

I had quite a good day in Oxford although it was drizzling and cold most of the time.

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ


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