Becoming A Parts Model

Hi ladies,

Have you ever thought there are people who actually make a living out of being a parts model? Yes there are people out there who post their hands or body parts and being paid handsomely for doing it.

I came across this lady one day in Youtube who introduced me to this new world of becoming a parts model.

Her name is Adele Uddo. You may have seen her hands in some high end jewelry to Essie nail polish commercial advertisement. Or you may have even seen her appearing on screen and in print. Find out more about her from these interviews.

The Life of A Hand Model: Parts Modeling With Adele Uddo | Forbes

I Am A Hand Model For A Living | Get Real | Refinery29

I went to dig more about a career in becoming a hand model and apart from having a nice pair of hands, being able to move your hands gracefully is another important factor one should take note on to have a chance in this unconventional career.

Show me your hands: hand model Bettina Ding

Nonetheless, some time it could be pure chance upon kind of thingy. Watch this youtuber who talked about her job as a hand model and how she started it.

Now you may aspire to become one, but first let’s start by taking care of our hands. Taking baby steps is a good way to go! Here is a video for your reference coming from a hand model herself.

As for those who are interested in becoming a parts model, here is Robyn Williamson who is a body model. In this video, she tells us about how she keeps her skin in perfect condition for photoshoots and her five-step system of self-care.

Here are some photos from me, hands and parts.




This is the photo i got asked if i was the model for it. That’s how i got my interest in this subject. Didn’t know someone aka my cousin would remember how my hands look like. I don’t even make a physical mental note on that at the back of my mind. On a positive note, that imply i may consider in having this job as a side career.


Hoping this information helps some of you out there!

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ


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