Life Update #1

Hi ladies,

How are you all? Hoping everyone is doing great themselves.

I have been away from Waves of Style for a short while and thought of coming here to update you guys on what i am up to.

  1. Me time: I have been doing alot of retrospective works lately. It could be that i am now back home and everything seems to surface more often from the memory lane. I reflected on my life spent overseas, life after my graduation, life after moving out from home, hobbies i engaged in when i was little… and many more. I also reviewed on my bucket list and checked what have i achieved and what have i not yet. I want to achieve clarity and to have a better overview of my future life in the next 1,2,3 years and beyond.
  2. Planning for my future: The life i lived in the past 4-6 years weren’t quite my initial plan although the common theme remains the same for the future life i envisioned myself in. I have few plans for myself that have always been in the back of my mind but waiting for the right time to embark on them and to make a decision of wanting to head towards the route on a 100% sureness level. There’s quite many considerations to factor in for all those decisions but i will remind myself to focus on the end goal, avoid unnecessary distractions, have faith and believe that all efforts will be worth it in the end.
  3. Spending time with my family and relatives: This year i got the opportunity to celebrate my mother’s birthday with my relatives. It was a nice family gathering time that i have been missing for quite some time. It’s nice talking to my relatives, spending time with them, sharing my life and my thoughts on certain things with them and opened myself up for them to have the opportunity in getting to know me better.
  4. Preparing for my next full time job in the new industry: I have 2-3 new industries which interest me alot at this moment. It may take some time for me to get the job as i prefer not to rely on connection. I may have to stay resilient and patience but i  know getting in any job in either 1 of the industry will set me closer to my ultimate goal. I have started to do more online APT tests and really enjoying doing questions involving calculation (I miss my calculator day) but not so much on doing those questions under time pressure. I hope i will get in the company or industry of my desire soon.
  5. Spending more time with my pet: I am grateful to have her in my life. She is a cat who greets me in the morning, waiting for me getting out from my shower, following me around in the house, accompany me while am doing my own thing and sometime sleep with me if i allow her to.

I  guess that’s all for this time.

Till then,

Ẇaves of Style ღ



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