Beauty | Lip Products I Use Currently |LipIce, Vaseline

Hi ladies,

How are you doing? I hope the week has been treating you good thus far.

Today i am going to write about current lip products that i am currently using.

1. LipIce Lemon Lipbalm SPF 15


I got this from the 7-11 store as there were pricing reduction promotion going on for some products. Decided to purchase this product as am currently in need of some lip balm which i did not have. Loving the Lemon flavor as it smells refreshing with cooling sensation. It does comes with 3 other delicious fruity variants though: Strawberry, Apple and Grape-Blackcurrant. It is color free and so far i am enjoying wearing it on my lips.

2. Disney LipIce Kids 

I was waiting for my car after dinner and saw there was a Watson store close by. Walked in and simply browsing with no intention of getting anything.

I stopped by at the lip section, thinking maybe i should get additional lip balm eventhough i just purchased LipIce Lemon Lipbalm SPF 15 few days back. I mean, we do need extra lip balm to carry with us to everywhere. We can have 1 at home and carry another one when we head out. Furthermore, i do need different flavor other than the Lemon one.

Most importantly, i bought it because it was from the Disney. Doesn’t matter if its for the kids (Does kids wearing lip balm these days, even?). The best part i like about this product is the cap. I like seeing Minnie Mouse shape on it. It’s so cute, isn’t it? There’s SPF 15 too to protect our lips against UV, so it is perfect for outdoor use. Not only that, the product is free from methol as well as camphor. This one is of strawberry flavour.


3. Vaseline Intensive Care

This is a classic must have lip product from me. I used to have chapped lips before I discovered the amazing benefit of applying Vaseline Intensive Care on my lips. It is heavy so i usually wear it before i hit the sack. It keeps my lips chapped free and i have been doing the same practice since my college days. So you can see that it has been a while and yet i am still loving it.


By the way, today i put in some extra effort in taking care of my lips. The natural way. I scrubbed it with brown sugar and then moisturized it with honey. Leaving them on my lips for some time before washing it off.

That’s all from me for this post ladies. I hope you have a good rest. It is almost 11 pm at my place now.

Good night!

Ẇaves of Style ღ




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